Todd Real Estate

    Welcome to Todd, North Carolina

    Between the hills of Boone and West Jefferson lies a tiny town in the bend of the South Fork of the New River. Home to one of the oldest continuously running general stores in NC, a thriving arts community, and the renowned RiverGirl Fishing Co., Todd is one of those little gems in the South that surprises and delights with unique culture of creativity and its warm, communal nature.  The area is rich with history of Native American communities, and later settled by Europeans. Named after Joseph Warren Todd, a Civil War Veteran and Representative in the North Carolina General Assembly, the town experienced the most rapid growth with the early 20th Century Timber Boom.

    These days Todd boasts a thriving community offering up some of the best views in the High Country, and providing membership to one of the South’s most engaged and friendly communities. The access to the New River adds incredible value to the experience of living in, and visiting Todd. With plenty of opportunities to tube, kayak, and fly-fish, many spend their summers on the sunny banks of one of the world’s oldest rivers. Todd has a beautiful outdoor wedding venue, a robust summer concert series (seriously, check out this line up!), and the famous Liberty Parade (held on July 4 each year, with all community members and visitors invited to participate with incredible hand-made costumes, created by Elkland Art Center). If you ever have the chance to visit this vibrant little town, I guarantee you won’t regret it!

    Liberty parade, Todd, NC.