Beech Mountain Real Estate

    With an elevation of 5,506 feet, Beech Mountain is the highest town East of the Rockies. This elevated community is home to Beech Mountain Resort (Ski Beech), and serves as a premier tourist destination and resort community through all seasons. With a full time population of just 350, this community swells to 10,000 in the winter season when folks come from far and wide to enjoy the incredible skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, ice skating, tubing, and sledding in some of the deeper natural snow in the High Country.

    In the summer months, about 5,000 people find their way to Beech Mountain to enjoy the wide range of trout fishing, extensive hiking, and chair-lift involved mountain biking. With over 2,350 dwellings, Beech Mountain is a popular choice for investments in vacation and second homes.